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Effortlessly monitor 100% of your team's sales calls and provide instant feedback that genuinely improves performance in any language


Learn and improve with every call

Get every agent selling like your best rep

Every company has their sales star. But understanding what makes your top performers outsell the rest, and how to help others level up their game, is harder than it seems. 


AI-driven speech analysis can solve this problem without you having to spend hours listening to calls and giving feedback to underperforming reps.

Analyse calls in every language your team works with

Accurate AI-powered speech analytics is currently only available in well-resourced languages like English, meaning sales teams working with huge global markets are still underperforming.


With our unique deep learning AI, we are bridging this language gap and bringing advanced speech analytics solutions to the 7000+ languages of the world, from Swedish to Swahili.

Review 100% of sales calls for a 360° view

On average, team leads can evaluate just 0.1% of the calls their teams make. Is that enough to understand what makes your top performers outsell the rest, and how to help others level up their game?.


With every single sales call monitored and analysed, Oxus.AI enables you to accurately evaluate each agent and flag problems in performance.

Share feedback instantly to level up your team

Without regular data-driven feedback, your reps will struggle to improve, costing you sales. But finding the time to provide these performance-boosting insights is difficult.


With our dashboard, the feedback cycle is shortened from 2 weeks to < 1 day. This way you can pinpoint the exact hurdles that are tripping up your team and provide personalised, actionable feedback in a single click.

Be informed of what is going on in your demo calls

Keep track of what works

We will analyse all of your calls and will present you with the metrics that correlate with the positive outcome of the call, so you can scale what truly works for you.

Track the most important topics

Use the semantic search on all of the demos on the most important topics to flag the crucial moments of the call (for example - "pricing", "objections", "situation questions", etc.). Keep yourself updated.

Boundless reporting

Filter your deals by the team, sales representative, deal size, current stage, last activity, and execute the analysis based on any other criteria important for your business.

Emotion intelligence

You will get the estimations of the general temperature and sentiment of the call. For example: agreeing, disagreeing, confusion, surprise etc.

A fresh approach to speech analytics

Built on Machine Learning principles, Oxus.AI’s speech analytics solution that can be adapted to any language.


  • Adaptable to any language: In a matter of weeks, our tool can be trained to analyse calls in any language you work with.

  • 100% of calls reviewed: The platform helps you gain a deeper understanding of how your team members are performing over the phone by analysing every hour they record.

  • Tailored to your needs: By training the system together with our clients, we make our platform capture industry-specific jargon.

  • Call reviews 90% faster than manual: Our technology can review a call in a matter of seconds, so you can respond more quickly to issues and have more time to work directly with your team.

  • Insights correlation with closed deals: With Oxus.AI you get visibility which sales techniques bring the most sales and have the highest correlation to success.


An ambitious team democratising access to speech analytics

At Oxus.AI, we believe that technological advantage leads companies towards success. 

Our aim is nothing less than to revolutionize the way sales and customer success teams function.

Through dedication, skill, and a daring attitude, we intend to soon become a standard in the industry.


Mindaugas Bruzas

For the last 20+ years, I was implementing Lean, building companies, and right now bringing Deep Learning applications to businesses. And I practice biohacking.


Donatas Tamosauskas

I'm a machine learning engineer and space enthusiast with a passion for teaching machines how to learn (and constantly learning myself in the process).


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