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AI Voice Bots for Outbound calls

Our Technology

Next-gen workforce powered by AI! 

Oxus.AI offers an outbound voice bot as an agent's cost-effective and more efficient substitute. With such a bot all the outbound research calls are taken off the shoulders of the regular employees and put on the bot. That allows for conducting cheaper research without compromising on the quality, as our bot is hardly distinguishable from the real human voice.

Our bots sound and act very close to human level - soon enough they will surpass it!

Sounds like something you would want to talk about - download the case study and we will get in touch with you! 

More Examples


Communication Tower


We have already proven our effectiveness in Telco settings with our first product (AI Speech Analytics). Our clients highlight a great value gained from using Oxus.AI. It seems that Voice Bot provide even more value to Telcos. We cannot wait to implement our first Outbound Voice Bot for a Telco!


Debt Collectors 

The value of a human-live voice bot is rather big for companies, which have outbound calls as the main revenue-generating activity. Amongst such we find Debt Collection companies. By automating the outbound calls - the company becomes considerably more efficient. 


Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing is the third vertical that we believe will benefit most from the usage of the Voice Bot. This is one of the biggest service industries worldwide. It is a shame that this is also one of the least evolving industries. We are set to help change that and increase the speed of change in BPOs by providing outbound Voice Bots!


Contact us today to learn how our tailor-made solution aids your organization to reach your performance goals.

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