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Revolutionizing Language Learning with Generative AI

Oxus AI is an artificial intelligence company developing language-related, state-of-the-art generative AI products for businesses and consumers

Our values are our passion

At Oxus.AI, innovation is not just a buzzword; it is the driving force behind everything we do. Join us on this transformative journey as we harness the boundless potential of AI to create a brighter future for businesses and individuals alike. Together, we can shape a world where innovation knows no bounds.

Empowering our clients to achieve their goals is our ultimate mission. Whether it's revolutionizing customer experiences, optimizing operations, or unlocking new opportunities, we are dedicated to propelling our clients towards success.


At Oxus AI, our company culture is deeply rooted in a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and facilitation. We take immense pride in providing services that extend beyond just English languages, filling the void and offering solutions that would otherwise not exist. This customer-centric approach drives our every decision, ensuring that our AI-powered tools are not only innovative but also finely attuned to cater to diverse backgrounds.

Think big, start small

Our team is driven by a shared passion to tackle significant worldwide problems using the power of AI. While the challenges we aim to address may be grand, we recognize that the most impactful solutions often begin with humble beginnings. We start small, breaking down complex problems into manageable components. By doing so, we can quickly prototype and iterate on our ideas. This iterative process allows us to experiment and learn rapidly, identifying what works best and discarding what doesn't.

Fun and healthy lifestyle

Given the complexity of the challenges we tackle, our approach is unerringly data-driven, leaving no room for approximation. 
This approach would be extremely stressful without having a little healthy fun in-between. We enjoy what we do and take pride in it.

Radical Candor

At Oxus AI, integrity is the bedrock of our operations. We firmly believe in treating every stakeholder, be it our valued customers or dedicated employees, with unwavering fairness and honesty. With open communication and a strong sense of responsibility, we forge strong and lasting relationships with our stakeholders.

Get things done

We focus on results and have a "Get things done" mentality that underpins our culture. We firmly believe in taking full ownership of internal tasks to ensure efficiency and excellence in everything we do. Our team members are empowered to embrace responsibility and accountability, driving projects forward with determination and dedication. By taking ownership of internal tasks, we eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy and foster a culture of proactive problem-solving.

We trust in numbers


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