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Revolutionizing how we learn languages with the power of Generative AI

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Leya AI is an application created by Oxus.AI. Leya is an English AI Tutor that is created based upon real English tutors' expertese. Each live conversation with Leya is a unique lesson about a topic or a situation. People can practice wherever, whenever they want, for unlimited amount of time.


Mission: Reinvent Language learning with generative AI technologies.

Leya’s Ideal Customers: English as a Second Language Students and English Tutors

Based on research and the newest technologies, Leya AI tutor provides human-like English language tutor experience for a fraction of the cost with more fun activities in a systemized way! 

Leya’s promises:
-Stress-Free learning
-Visible progress:
-Confidence booster
-Quality & Speed


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Speech Analytics


The most accurate speech analytics & AI for sales & customer success performance in any language. 

A common way of analyzing random calls for quality assurance definitely has its place in improving the performance of the sales of customer support reps, especially, when you are limited in resources (which is almost always the case). 
Have you ever thought about what benefits you and your company would have been able to get if quality assurance and analyses had been conducted on every single call?

A deep understanding of the calls will let you have a clear look at what your clients are talking about over the phone, how your reps are serving the clients, and much more! 

Every company has their stars. Understanding what makes your top performers outdo the rest, and how to help others level up their game, is harder than it seems. 


AI-driven speech analysis can solve this problem without you having to spend hours listening to calls and giving feedback to underperforming agents.

Without regular data-driven feedback, your reps will struggle to improve, costing you sales. But finding the time to provide these performance-boosting insights is difficult.


With our dashboard, the feedback cycle is shortened from 2 weeks to < 1 day. This way you can pinpoint the exact hurdles that are tripping up your team and provide personalised, actionable feedback in a single click.

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