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How to Improve Your Telesales with Artificial Intelligence

Thanks to AI and ML, we are experiencing the Fourth Industrial Revolution. These technologies change how humans perform their tasks and businesses, including telesales. Many people think that AI in Telesales is still in introductory people, and the applications will be seen in the future. But, tools, such as AI speech analytics and quality monitoring software for call centers, have already started changing the game for the sales team.

Companies wanting to improve their telesales use speech analytics software powered by AI. AI analytics platform automates tasks such as emotion detection by audio patterns, evaluates call quality, and monitors agent performance.

Voice Analytics AI is reducing the efforts of call center agents from dreaded tasks and allowing them to focus on crucial activities such as planning. Moreover, AI speech analytics tools generate valuable insights for teams and managers, allowing them to improve customer service and telesales processes.

But before going through ways, Artificial Intelligence improves telesales, let's understand major AI in telesales tools resolving the challenges for sales agents.

AI Technologies for Telesales

Do you remember the algorithm offering predictive dialing? AI tools such as speech analytics for call centers provide solutions to the sales team in the same way. It uses machine learning and AI technologies to enhance the telesales experience for customers and agents.

Moreover, it works in the background and collects customers’ data by analyzing their voices. With AI in telesales, companies can conduct compliance monitoring, improve the quality of the calls, and generate more pre-qualifying leads. Here are some latest technologies to integrate into your call centers:

  • AI-Powered Speech Analytics

Voice analytics software identifies and analyzes the conversation through AI technology. Telesales teams can gather a large amount of customers’ data to improve the quality of their calls. Moreover, the technology analyzes audio and word patterns for quality assurance.

You can integrate the technology in your call center to generate deep, actionable insights and positively impact your potential customers in future interactions. Also, you can determine frequently asked questions from the target audience and identify ways to solve these problems in the future.

  • AI Intelligent Virtual Agent

Intelligent Virtual Agent powered by AI technologies uses advanced speech recognition, natural language programming, and machine learning to communicate with potential customers. The tool mimics human conversation to offer a human-like experience to prospects and customers. Moreover, managers and supervisors can monitor live calls for quality assurance.

How Artificial Intelligence Improves Telesales

AI in Telesales improves ROI for businesses through data analytics and insights. You can use an AI analytics platform to identify potential customers and boost sales team efficiency. Here are some ways to improve telesales with Artificial Intelligence:

  • Improve Productivity

With AI-powered speech analytics, the sales team can reduce team on each call. They won’t have to note every detail about customers because the algorithm will record the data for future reference. As a result, telesales teams can pay attention to potential customers' queries and improve the quality of the calls. They will end more deals in less time.

  • Drive Data from Customer Interactions

Businesses increase sales and credibility by generating insights and tracking sales agent performance. The data include critical information such as customers' tastes, preferences, and challenges in choosing a product. Businesses can convert the data into analytics to understand customers and close successful deals using speech analytics software. This AI-powered tool helps sales agents optimize the sales process and close more deals.

Moreover, AI voice analytics track sales agents’ performance and generate insights for managers. Managers can use the data-driven tool to improve agents’ activity levels. They can guide and train agents and improve teams’ productivity.

  • Automate Customer Relationship Management

Speech Analytics AI tools monitor sales team activities and share data with managers and supervisors. This AI tool automates CRM data entry and collects specific conversations for future reference. Integrating AI speech analytics will improve your team monitoring process and convert more leads into potential sales.

  • Enhance Sales Forecasting

Integrating the AI analytics platform with your customer support and sales team will help you generate sales forecasts. AI voice analytics allows the sales team to analyze customers’ information and data. Moreover, the tool evaluates customers' voices and generatesreal-time pipeline analysis. As a result, you can get key insightsabout each call to predict sales, saving time.

  • Get Real-Time Solutions

Sometimes sales agent forgets to get crucial information from potential customers. The information might be incorrect and missing the right data if they do. AI speech analytics collect real-time data from calls and gather the data in specific folders. The sales team can navigate the data stored in the system and use it to efficiently close the deal.

  • Create Customer Persona

Customer persona helps the sales team to identify potential customers and create a deeper relationship with them. You can build better marketing plans and provide relevant solutions. But, creating personascan be challenging without proper customer data. AI voice analytics collect customer data and facilitate the sales team by creating customer personas.The feature allows you to engage with a specific group at the right time.

Why Should You Integrate Speech Analytics Software with Telesales?

Benchmark Portal suggests that sales agents can't take calls for longer. Therefore, the average sales call lasts for less than 6 minutes. During this time, the sales agent can share critical information, such as terms and conditions, with the customers. Sometimes, customers are in a rush. They may be busy and can't listen to long, complicated information over the phone. Failing to share complete information about the product or service can cost you the sale.

You can improve the customer journey by integrating speech analytics AI tools. The tool allows the sales agent to analyze their calls and identify missing steps. They can get in touch with the customers and close the deal.


Speech analytics software allowsthe telesales team to improve the sales cycle at every stage. You can offer an exceptional customer journey by integrating AI in telesales. The technology will identify customers’ voices and determine their emotions.Moreover, it collectshuge information about customers and record conversation.Moreover, speech analytics AI tools monitor telesales agents’ performance for quality assurance. Managers and supervisors can generate insights and encourage the sales team to close more deals.

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